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Are you single and think you do not need life insurance?

Or only need life insurance through work?

Well, have you thought about what you would do if you had a heart attack, stroke or cancer diagnosis and couldn’t work? How would you pay your bills? Would you move back in with mom and dad? How would they afford to take care of you?

You may be thinking, “How would life insurance help if I got sick?”

Well, if you had life insurance you didn’t have to die to use, you could access the death benefit if you experience a chronic, critical or terminal illness!

It’s called Living Benefits.

That’s right, use the money when you actually need it- While you are alive!

Pay your mortgage or rent, buy groceries, pay your household bills, help cover someone else’s expenses while they take time off from work to help care for you. (Remember mom and dad?)

How about using the money to pay your huge health care deductible? Or to pay for life saving treatment not covered by your health insurance?

Next time you say you don’t need life insurance because you “don’t have anybody”, remember what I said here.

Everyone needs Living Benefits, even single people.

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